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"No Scratches, No Chips, No Swirl Marks!"

templates by xpel Technologies mean, no cutting on the car

Bumper to Bumper Options

Paint Protection Kits by Xpel and DAP
Car Bra, Clear Bra options

From just the leading edges to full panel coverage, our template database has options for almost every year, make and model.

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Durable Barrier Against Damage


Your Clear Bra is a durable layer of paint protection film 

protecting your car from rock chips.  

Self-healing properties allow light scratches and swirl marks heal themselves.

Hydrophobic surface resist hard water stains, bug guts and bird droppings.

STEK clear bra and paint protection film manufacturer

We have tested and reviewed every major clear bra film available.

DFW Clear Bra is the only company offering. 

  • XPEL
  • SunTek
  • 3M 
  • STEK

We are proud to be selected as the exclusive provider of STEK in the North Texas area.

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